In New York we had several events and meetings

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Dear All

In New York we had several events and meetings. One of this was Bespoke event in 24 october 2018 in Ludwyche store. It was a whisky (Macallan) tasting evening with jazz music. 140 people visited the event, including several media people. The contacts were interesting. We did not stop presenting. Some names-Samer Eldanaf,Melkon Garjarian,Gary Girdvainis.In 25 october 2018 we had breakfast with Media in Ludwyche.Then we had meeting with Richard Fitzburgh and interview with Galerie Magazine, WatchTime magazine, and several journalists.

Kerbedanz was also invited to this events. Watchtime Exhibition was held on օctober 25-26,2018. Over 1300 REAL collectors visited this show most of them were aware of Maximus, who did the show and was very much appreciated. We had the presence of our service partner Time Innovation, Robin & Daniel Ramlagan who spend the 2 days on our booth and helped for the sales speech they were trained. They have an important collectors base (they presented to me) and are in love with Kerbedanz and they understood all our positioning. They are valuable partners for services and sales. In 27 october 2018 evening was  RedBar Club evening, a club spread all over the US for watch lovers only – we went to their reception (Japanese whiskey & book signing (on watches), around 50 people present majority were the people we mat at Watchtime, and some others with whom we talk about Kerbedanz and spread business cards.

Kalust Zorik who is the co-founder, administrator and CMO of KERBEDANZ watches in Neuchâtel, Switzerland was present at this exhibition. It was pleasure to share some of these pictures with you from this memorable day.