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Press Release:Esperanza Classic

In kinship with the noble bloodline of the KERBEDANZ brand's watchmaking masterpieces for women, this incredible jewellery watch borrows its name from the Spanish language as well as the lascivious languors of its ecstatic deep blue.


The first masterpiece of a micro-series of 14 unique timepieces, the Maximus Royal Tourbillon launched in Geneva seems to have been sculpted from a diamond block: 18.47 carats, 453 baguette-cut diamonds, invisibly setting. Soon, a gemstone festival!

Press release: Squama

The ultra-limited edition of this timepiece came out in March 2017, and it shows how the Neuchâtel-based brand continues to express its proclivity for a variety and fascinating intensities of blacks. As well as its mastery of the art of skeletonization.

Press release:TREE OF LIFE

Exclusively feminine… The Tree of Life explores the fascinating world of haute joaillerie. "Making sense of beauty" is the KERBEDANZ motto, the masters in combining universal symbols with the outmost in the art of Swiss watchmaking.

Press release:PHOENIX

Is it possible to acquire a timepiece that has been conceived and manufactured for oneself alone? The Neuchâtel-based company always comes out with ultra-limited series and unique pieces, so they are in the unique position of making the impossible possible.

Press release:Quintum

The two KERBEDANZ minute repeaters, the mother of all horological complications, have just been acquired by a collector. These two pieces also have animations. They represent a distillate of extreme horological arts.

PRESS RELEASE:3 Horses and Sappheiros

The Neuchâtel-based watch brand is introducing a world premiere, the all-black versions of two timekeepers already considered exclusive. They play on the sublime aura of dark depths and the many and fascinating shimmers of the black…


Presented in the media as the world's largest tourbillon, Maximus by the KERBEDANZ watchmaking brand is a jewel of micromechanical perfection of the highest order. Plus, it has a unique winding system.


The Swiss watch brand of haute-horlogerie and its management have been received by His Holiness Pope François. Following a demand for a private audience for the presentation of a very special gift, a tribute to the aesthetics of the Armenian Alphabet.


A singular novelty at Baselworld in 2016, the Polvs Arcticus, an exceptional timekeeper, is powered by a double tourbillon GMT caliber. Two miniature spheres celebrate the scientists and explorers of the past and offer a view of astronomy, maritime horizons and technical feats.