Press release: Celtic Dog | Kerbedanz

Press release: Celtic Dog

Novelty Baselworld 2015 - The Celtic Dog model of KERBEDANZ, full of symbols

Is there a connection between a venerated Celtic Dog and the region of Neuchâtel? Yes, if one enters into the universe populated with symbols of this exceptional watchmaking brand from Neuchâtel. Discovery! 

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Celtic Dog soldatCeltic Dog soldatHigh resolutionjpg
Celtic Dog - sketchCeltic Dog - sketchHigh resolutionjpg
Celtic Dog - sketch negativCeltic Dog - sketch negativHigh resolutionjpg
Celtic Dog - sketch dog ciferCeltic Dog - sketch dog ciferHigh resolutionjpg
Celtic Dog - sketch dog cifer negativCeltic Dog - sketch dog cifer negativHigh resolutionjpg
Aram Petrosyan - Chief designer officer - 1Aram Petrosyan - Chief designer officer - 1jpg
Aram Petrosyan - Chief designer officer - 2Aram Petrosyan - Chief designer officer - 2jpg
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Craft - 2Craft - 2High resolutionjpg
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