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Maximus Royal

KERBEDANZ has given to this unbeatable piece of very high watchmaking, which represents your tourbillon watch, the name of "MAXIMUS ROYAL".

Maximus Royal, a gemstones festival on the biggest Tourbillon in the world.

Exclusively on order, the 14 Royal Maximus Tourbillons made by Kerbedanz will each belong to a range of different colored shine. Each piece has a unique hue, subtle combinations of colors but, still, this common engraved inscription: "One of Fourteen", in French, "Une sur Quatorze".
Because, beyond the immaculate presence of the room all adorned with diamonds, there is, ready to be crimped on a watch case, all kinds of precious stones possible. In the world of emerald, jade, ruby or aventurine, the craziest shades and all the intensities of nuances are possible: chiaroscuro, gradients, concentrates, underlined lines, facet sizes, reliefs and contrasts, cultivated symmetries, claimed and assumed asymmetries. Crimping is an art, it has more than one trick in its bag.

The beauty combined by KERBEDANZ through its world premiere Maximus, abounds with an aesthetic richness and a watchmaking harmony made of ultimate care, licked finishes, such polished handmade bevels of beauty, these stretches of the flank parts, these cogwheels circled, such as these screws proposed in mirror-polished rendering. Side versions of this exceptional watch offered to the most advanced customizations, there is the nobility of materials: white gold, yellow, pink, platinum, titanium. All-black treatments with seductive depths are now complemented by the infinite palette of gemstone colors and their marriages. The Maximus illustrates, in the world of major and unavoidable achievements, the audacious search for excellence in all its forms.

In the 6th century BC, between the Palatine and the Aventine, the Etruscan king Tarquin the Ancelian built what remains today the greatest vestige of Roman antiquity in terms of tanks or horses. Circus Maxime - Maximus in Latin and Italian. Long after, one of the greatest watchmakers of all time, the native of Neuchatel Abraham-Louis Bréguet (1747-1823), invented a mechanism he called "Tourbillon".

It was to place the regulating organ of the watch inside a cage rotating on itself in order to compensate for the negative influence of gravity on the precision of a timepiece.

In 2017, the brand Kerbedanz that catches the attention of more and more collectors and purists, unveils Maximus, the wristwatch with the largest tourbillon in the world with a cage 27 mm in diameter, almost double of the model known until then to hold this record size. Especially, strong a mastery of the fundamentals of precision watchmaking, Kerbedanz realizes an extremely accurate watch, with two patents, including one on its original winding system. It is a notched wheel to operate on the back of the room.


Caliber KRB-08 giant central flying tourbillon, with anchor in line, with a 27mm cage diameter, rotating every 6 minutes.
Mechanical movement with manual winding, designed, manufactured and decorated by KERBEDANZ. Balance wheel and spiral specifically developed for this caliber.
34 jewels, 18,000 alternations per hour (2,5 Hz).
4 barrels in parallel, driving a central wheel mounted on a ball bearing, providing the necessary torque to feed a tourbillon of such a size. 54 hours of power reserve with indicator.
A total of 415 components, the tourbillon cage, made entirely of titanium, comprising 73 components and a weight of 1.35 g. Diameter of the movement 40 mm. Movement height without the 8.35 mm cage, with the 13.2 mm cage.
The tourbillon rotates the regulating organ of the watch by varying the positions of the latter to compensate for errors related to the influence of gravity, the non-concentric development of the hairspring and the point of attachment to the shell.
This spectacular dimension makes it possible to see and understand the operation of the tourbillon.
The mastered skills are: the design and manufacture of the hairspring, the snowshoeing with fine adjustment screw, as well as that of the balance.
Haute horlogerie decoration with polished chamfering, stretching of the sides of the pieces, circled workings, mirror-polished screws.

Hours, minutes, tourbillon 6 minutes, power reserve indicator.

18 carat rose gold, diameter 51 mm. All forms of setting, rubies stones. Design and manufacture KERBEDANZ. Glass and case back in sapphire crystal, with anti-reflective coating. Waterproof to 3 atmospheres (30 meters), crown for setting the time placed at 2:00 and centralized winding using case back.

Solid rose gold. Exclusively designed, manufactured and hand decorated by KERBEDANZ.

Mississippiensis Alligator strap, with KERBEDANZ personalized clap in 18K gold.

14 numbered pieces.


Chamfering (Anglage)

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