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Blooming Sakura

The design of this watch has been inspired by the most favorite flowers of inhabitants of the country of the rising sun.

Sakura is the most beautiful, the most ancient and the most famous symbol of Japan. Its beauty and elegance are identified with aesthetic principles and culture of Japan.

The blooming Sakura is a symbol of female youth and beauty, its flower with light pink shade embodies all inexhaustible tenderness and harmony of women.

The blooming Sakura is also the symbol of spiritual firmness and grace of nature.

The charm of a blossoming tree, the mother-of-pearl tenderness of its flowers, the carelessness of spring, are as fragile and fleeting as life itself.

The branch of Sakura that blooms can signify the beginning of life. Sometimes Sakura is perceived as a symbol of resistance, because the flowers on this tree appear much earlier than the leaves.

Sakura is often used in Japanese art, manga, cinematography and many other areas.

The composition includes one more symbol - a butterfly. In China, the butterfly represents immortality, leisure in abundance, joy and summer. The ancient Greeks believed the butterfly is the symbol of immortality of soul.

Automatic, 120 hours power reserve, 28,800vph, 35 jewels.

Hours, minutes, calendar.

White gold, pavé diamonds, water resistant to 3 atm, 36mm/10.5mm.

White gold, MOP, hand decorated 3 layer dial, with Sakura motif.

Purple genuine alligator.


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