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At the heart of the concept of this watch is the symbol of Borjgali.

Borjgali — one of the ancient Georgian symbols, a kind of swastika.

 Just as the swastika, the borjgali was the symbol of cosmic energy. But the main thing that designated borjgali was the Sun. Round wings of the symbol indicated the Sun's rays, and their roundness signified eternity of movement.

Borj in the old Georgian had the same meaning as Burj (meaning the beginning, the root), and gala – the harvest, the allowances.

In the design of watch is used the seven-winged borjgali which is the most widespread in Georgia, in which the 7 wings designated 7 holy celestial bodies: Mtovare – the Moon, Juma –Mercury, Mtiebi – Venus, Marihi - Mars, Dia – Jupiter, Zuali - Saturn, Ardi - the Sun.

The ornamental area of the composition is covered with a layer of blue rhodium.

The first rhodium plated layer of the composition with the details of the second layer form the silhouette of an equilateral Georgian cross.

Automatic, 120 hours power reserve, 28,800 vph, 35 jewels.

Hours, minutes

White gold, water resistant to 3 atm, 43mm/12mm.

White gold, hand decorated 2 layer dial.

Blue genuine alligator


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