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The golden eagle, this majestic diurnal raptor, has an impressive wingspan, which can measure more than two meters fifty. When swoop in to attack a prey, it easily meets or even exceeds the 120 km/h. Its visual acuity is up to eight times higher than that of the human being.

King of the air, it is the embodiment of the messenger of the highest Uranian divinity and of the celestial fire. It alone dares and can stare at the sun without burning its eyes ...

The eagle appears in most cultures as a solar symbol. It represents the ideas of beauty, strength and prestige.

In Greek mythology, the eagle is the attribute of Zeus, his messenger and his spokesperson.

In Greco-Roman art, the eagle is one of the attributes of Jupiter, who takes its form to remove Ganymede. It also appears in depictions of tortured Prometheus, where the eagle of Caucasus devours his liver.

Symbol of spiritual elevation, the eagle, which is flying high and can face up the divine and the sun, represents the Apostle John in Christian iconography, and corresponds to the winter solstice, that is to say, to the return of the sun and therefore of the divine light.

By flying in the highest heaven, it carries with him the souls of the dead and, in Asian and Amerindian cultures, it is the initiator that carries the spirit of shamans in the invisible world of the ancients.                            

Symbol of divine power and victory, the eagle became the symbol of many kings and kingdoms. Thus, a golden eagle was used as an ensign for the Persian army, then it became among the Romans, the emblem of the militia and, in the consulship of Marius in the first century BC, that of the legions. It will then embody the Roman Empire, before acquiring a second head indicating the double orientation of the Empire to the east and west. The German emperors, aspiring to be the heirs of Rome, placed the eagle in their arms, which is found in Prussia, Russia, Poland and, with two heads, in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It will also become the symbol of the French Empire under the reign of Napoleon I, whose son will be called the Eaglet, and of Napoleon III.

The eagle, emblem of the United States, is a Sea Eagle or Osprey, the sea eagle with white head.




Automatic, 120 hours power reserve, 28,800 vph, 35 jewels.

Hours, minutes

White gold, water resistant to 3 atm, 45mm/12mm.

White gold, hand decorated 2 layer dial, eagle motif.

Blue genuine alligator.


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