Horses | Kerbedanz


KERBEDANZ gave this model the emblematic figure of the Horse, the noblest conquest of man.

As a totemic representation the Horse symbolizes the passion and the appetite of mankind for freedom. Among all the totems, it is emblematic of the motivation that transports the mankind through life. The significance of the Horse depends on the way in which it presents itself to us. It may appear like wild, tamed, moving freely or forced to live in a confined space.

Horses are highly symbolic of freedom and can be associated to:

  • The motivation, the desire to live
  • The passion, our wild desire of freedom
  • The balance between both instinctive and tamed personalities
  • The sexual energy
  • The male energy
  • Strong emotions of passionate desires

If the Horse is represented as forced or captive, it can symbolize bridled instincts.

The totem of the Horse, especially if it appears in a dream represents our vital energy and enthusiasm to express our authenticity. This totem can also stand as a reflection of how we treat our primitive desires, i.e. if our experiences are harmonious or difficult to control.

According to psychologist Carl Jung, Horses symbolize the natural forces controlled by human beings. Just as we exploit to mount a Horse or use its power, we can exploit our natural vitality or the nature to serve us or let us go further.

Mechanical hand-wound tourbillon KRB-01 caliber, 120 hours power reserve, 28,800 vph, 27 jewels, double barrel.

Hours, minutes, tourbillon.

18K white gold, 46mm.

Massive gold. Bas-relief with Horses figure.

Alligator mississippiensis.


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