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The concept of this watche is inspired by the confident aggressiveness of sport car lines of Jaguar brand. The sharpness of the lines of the jaguar’s head embodies speed, flexibility and precision of movements, qualities that possess this animal. Red spots on the skin of the jaguar made in the technique of red enamel smoothly flow into the form and texture of a car tire. The gyrating dynamics of fluctuating bends of the composition represents the purposefulness of the flight of time.

Jaguar represents the fearlessness and the confidence, the ability to know how to act in the most difficult and unpredictable conditions, to go the whole hog and to gain a victory at any cost.

The jaguar’s wisdom is to know the way even in complete chaos, where others panic, he acts with full awareness, to understand the structure of chaos, the ability to move without fear in the dark, self-confidence, even in a strange place and in a complex situation, and of course the magic look.

The cult of a Jaguar is launched by Olmecs, who lived in Central America in the 15th to 4th centuries BC. All the gods of Olmecs had a form of jaguar. The great civilization of Maya has borrowed the mythological images of Olmecs. In the mythology of Maya jaguar-gods were particularly complex. They patronized hunting and military cults. The red and black jaguars symbolized the gods of rain in all countries of the world.

In the heyday of the Maya civilization’s glory royal dynasties of many city-states considered the jaguars as their sacred ancestor. The Aztecs, who belonged to another outstanding civilization of ancient America, believed that the universe in its development has gone through four long periods. The first of these periods was the era of jaguars.

Since then, the universe has gone through several epoches, its inhabitants and gods alternated. But jaguars still remained one of the main sovereigns of this world.

Automatic, 120 hours power reserve, 28,800vph, 35 jewels.

Hours, minutes, calendar.

White gold, water resistant to 3 atm, 45mm/12mm.

White gold, red enamel, hand decorated 5 layer dial, jaguar motif.

Black genuine alligator.


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