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On the dial is depicted Tezcatlipoca (Smoking Mirror) - in Indians mythology of Mesoamerica this is one of three main gods - the creator and destroyer of the world at the same time, the patron of priests and heroes, starry god of cold, ice, and punishments. It personified winter, north, starry night sky, so it was depicted as one-legged man with a black face, covered with yellow horizontal stripes or in the form of its spirit - double of the jaguar.

Black-and-yellow face reminds the jaguar skin, which seemed to the residents of Central America the symbol of the starry sky. Yellow gold and enamel of thick shades of purple and blue are effective solutions for this image. Tezcatlipoca was depicted one-legged because one of its most popular incarnations was the Big Dipper; this constellation in the sky of Mexico is located in a way that it resembles a man standing on one leg. The stylized image of the Big Dipper can be seen on the watch dial, over Tezcatlipoca’s head.

The distinctive attribute of Tezcatlipoca is the mirror, reinforced on the disk, with the curl of smoke outgoing from him, in which he sees everything that happens in the world, as well as all the hidden things and secrets. Another hallmark of Tezcatlipoca is a round leather ring (symbol of eternity), hanging on the yellow ribbon on its chest. It is represented by a circular guilloché field on the axis of indication of 7 and is associated with the little window of the date.

Tezcatlipoca is usually depicted with four arrows in the left hand. As has been said above, he was a god, an arbiter punishing all the evil. On the dial, this idea has a distinctive solution --- the hand with the pointed up index finger on the axis of indication of 4. The Indication of time on this watch is presented by Mayan numerals which were constructed out of a sign of one (point) and of sign of five (horizontal line). This scale of notation was used also by Aztecs.

Manual-winding tourbillon, 120 hours power reserve, 28,800vph, 27 jewels.

Hours, minutes, tourbillon.

Yellow gold, water resistant to 3 atm, 45mm/12mm.

Yellow and white gold, blue enamel, hand decorated 3 layer dial, Aztec Civilization motif.

Blue genuine alligator.

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