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The Inca Empire is the largest civilization in area and population (about 6 million people), an early class Indian republic in South America in the 11-17 centuries. At the head of the huge power in the 15th century was the divine ruler, the son of the Inca Sun, relying on the hereditary aristocracy and the priestly caste.

The supreme deity was considered Viracocha – the Creator of the World and of the other gods, the forefather of all people.

In the person of Viracocha, the full name of which is Ilya – Con- Tiksi -Viracocha – have merged several deities: Ilya - a solar deity, Con-Tiksi- the deity of fire, probably volcanic, and Viracocha- deity of earth and water. According to an embodiment of cosmogonic myth, Viracocha has created the Sun, the Moon and stars on Lake Titicaca. Ordering the Sun to go to heaven, he created the Time. Then he made out of stone human figures and in their image he created people and assigned to each tribe its own region.

Viracocha and his aides have passed all over the country by calling people from the earth, the rivers, lakes and caves. After populating the earth, Viracocha sailed to the west.

The god is usually depicted with a crown - sun, lightning in his hands and tears that fall from his eyes like a rain. One of his well-known images is situated on the Gate of the Sun in Tiwanaku, which served as the basis of design. It is symbolic that the image of Viracocha - creator of the Time, has found its place in the design of watches.

Manual-winding tourbillon, 120 hours power reserve, 28,800vph, 27 jewels.

Hours, minutes, tourbillon.

White gold, water resistant to 3 atm, 46mm/12mm.

White gold, hand decorated, engraved dial, with Inca Civilization motif.

Brown genuine alligator.


The masters of micro-sculpture, over long hours of dexterity, which only human hand is able to create, allow to design and produce forms in volume; it could be in low-relief, relief in hollow, high...


This sculpture technique in bas-relief, also used by some engravers, is applied primarily on materials with layers of contrasting colors or shades. The process is to take advantage of the structure...

Jewelery and watch decoration

To its traditional heritage of jewelry KERBEDANZ adds the most successful watchmaking decoration arts such as chamfering, circular graining, polishing... 

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